Book Of Ra
  Rules of "Book Of Ra" the Online Casino Game

Rules of "Book Of Ra" the online casino game


Most online slots come with a bag of rules that govern how the players engage in the play. Book of Ra is no exception, and it has some straightforward rules any player should not struggle to grasp. These rules get set to protect players from disappointments and frustrations associated with a perceived win when they have not won. To avoid such embarrassing and heartbreaking scenarios, players should familiarize themselves with all the rules of the game firsthand before engaging.

The following are some of the rules of the game that govern and control the Book of RA online slot.

First, all players experienced, and new ones must understand that Book of Ra involves symbols to win big. Players must mainly focus on Pharaoh and explorer symbols are their multiplier effect on your pay line is gigantic.

Secondly, a player should not forget to continually check on hieroglyphics as in this slot they hold the key to substituting symbols in your reel. Hieroglyphics are usually vital in cases when you are about to hit a massive jackpot on your pay line.

The third rule that players need to look out for, and this goes explicitly to the new players to start small. Don’t be deluded by big wins and forget to start small. Even though the BookOfRa offers a reasonably generous return to player set at around 94 per cent, experts always advise new players to start small.

Lastly, to hit a maximum jackpot in Book of RA, your focus should shift to placing your maximum bet on your wager with a possibility of landing on the most generous paying line.

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